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Cross-Textured & Perforated Seamless Mineral Wash Highwaist Leggings

KSh 2,560

Striped and Perforated Seamless Highwaist Leggings

KSh 2,560

Lycra-Blend Essential Sweetheart Back Highwaist

KSh 3,000

Striped Camo Highwaist Seamless Leggings

KSh 2,560

Monochrome Tiramisu Highwaist Colorblock Full Leggings

KSh 2,800

Highwaist Helix Trellis Mesh Leggings

KSh 3,050

Cotton Waffle Mineral Wash Skinny Joggers

KSh 3,000

Essential Lycra-Blend Highwaist Leggings

KSh 3,000

Dark Striped Colorblock Cuffed Leggings

KSh 2,100

Essential Solid Split Flare Highwaist Leggings

KSh 2,400

Seamless Textured Track Side Leggings

KSh 2,000

Jacquard Mosaic Print Highwaist Leggings

KSh 2,100

Highwaist Hybrid Cargo Adventurer Leggings

KSh 2,550

Highwaist Side Braided Knee Trim Leggings

KSh 3,300

Highwaist Ribbed Burnout Mesh Contrast Leggings

KSh 3,000

Highwaist Capri Performance Leggings with Mesh Pockets

KSh 3,700
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